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Robinson Walking School Bus

Encourage and inspire your children to move naturally by registering them for the Walking School Bus Program!  

For every child you enroll, you will receive one FREE Admission coupon to AdventurePlex and be eligible for a number of prizes throughout the year! Click here to enroll.

Benefits of Walking School Bus for Children:

  • Arrive at school alert and ready to learn
  • Adopt healthy habits at an early age
  • Increase their daily exercise
  • Socialize and connect with peers in their neighborhood
  • Learn pedestrian safety

Benefits of Walking School Bus for Parents:

  • Meet and connect with other families
  • Save car trips and time waiting in the drop off line
  • Reduce local traffic
  • Enjoy free time in the mornings after dropping your kids off at the “bus stop”

Walk to school with the WSB every Wednesday rain or shine! We have 2 routes (Ingleside and John) and 2 schedules (Kinder and Grades 1-5).  We need parent volunteers, especially for Kinder-John and to expand to other days of the week.  Click here for a map of the routes.

For more info regarding routes, schedules, permission forms, please contact Riscilla Christensen.

For any child wishing to participate, please fill out the permission slip and turn it into the WSB box in the office. Thanks.


  • Grades 1-5 (John) - TBD


  • Kinder (Ingleside) - Sarah Khorey & Riscilla Christensen
  • Kinder (John) - TBD
  • Grades 1-5 (Ingleside) - Riscilla Christensen & Heidi Weber
  • Grades 1-5 (John) - Marina Fine


  • Grades 1-5 (Ingleside) - TBD

Let's have some fun walking the kids to school while they learn safety and exercise their hearts!!  Stay tuned for more updates as we grow.

Come on out and sign up to walk or volunteer. Interested in becoming a WSB Volunteer one day a week? Please contact Riscilla Christensen for information.